A wedding in Andros is a special moment for many people. Ventalia Events will give an even more special touch to your special moment. Your guests will enjoy a table filled with the taste of local wedding delicacies. Almonds cookies, calzounia (pastry sheet dough filled with crushed walnuts, almonds, honey, nutmeg, rose water, cloves, and sugar), pastitsakia (biscuit with almonds), and spoon sweets.


Wedding in Andros - From A to Z

With great pleasure, we suggest unique packages designed for your special day, with the most amazing aromas of the Andriotic nature (thyme, chamomile, lavender), and local products (oil, capers, honey). On the island of Andros, we will locate for you exclusive venues for all tastes and preferences. From locations with sea views, luxurious beachfront houses, wineries, fields filled with lemon trees, and golden beaches with picturesque chapels, they are all available to welcome you and your guests and host your wedding ceremony and reception in Andros.

Whitewashed churches, large and imposing, and smaller picturesque chapels are an ideal setting for the most special ceremony you have ever dreamed of. Lighthouse Tourlitis, the Venetian castle, and the central paved walkway that runs along the entire peninsula of Chora are just a few of the memories you will want to capture in the most unique moment of your life.

The beautiful Andros

Andros is a one-of-a-kind place. The northernmost island of the beautiful Cyclades differs significantly from the other islands. In this corner of the Aegean, there is a place with a rare blend of Aegean aesthetics and continental natural beauty. A dazzling symphony of mountain and sea where the stark Cycladic beauty coexists with lush green landscapes and pristine beaches with emerald waters.

The point of reference is Chora, a maritime town with an aristocratic aura and high aesthetics built on a peninsula that leads through a stone-arched bridge to the islet of the medieval Venetian castle.  A backdrop of magnificent mansions gives elegance to this island land, cobbled alleys, and imposing neoclassical captain's houses that simply enchant you with a perfectly balanced cosmopolitan mood to enrich your wedding in Andros! 

Andros is made of colours, aromas, and sensations. The deep blue of the Aegean Sea, the dark green of the dense foliage that covers its mountains, the trees that reach the beaches, and the Andros countryside, all are an inexhaustible landscape that captivates the visitor. Springs and waterfalls, dovecotes and stone watermills, cobbled streets, and stone arched bridges, ornate castles weave this unique Cycladic landscape.


The springs of Dionysus, in the village of Menites, with the marble mouths of the lions, the tower houses in Aydonia, the waterfalls of Pythara, the 22 stone watermills with stone bridges in the valley of Dipotamata, the archaeological sites and the museum of Paleopolis will satisfy to the fullest all your loved ones who will travel to Greece just to be a part of your Big Day.

Blue waters. wonderful beaches and local cuisine

For beach lovers, unique golden sandy beaches with turquoise waters challenge you for unique wedding backdrops. 

Andros cuisine is full of authentic Greek and Cycladic flavours. Local products, fresh fruits and vegetables, local cheeses, traditional recipes, and delicious desserts will culinarily celebrate your stay and certainly your special wedding day in Andros.


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